Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ramblings of a Frightened Man

Muammar Gaddafi's media appearances are turning into a laughing matter. But little does the Libyan dictator of 42 years realize that the iron fist with which he ruled Libya is not generating fear anymore.

Yesterday, a Swiss radio station aired a human right watch spokesperson saying that Gaddafi has left Libya. Soon afterwards Gaddafi made a 6 second apprearance on state TV announcing his presence in Tripoli. Gaddafi is reported to have said: “I am in Tripoli and not in Venezuela.”
He blamed the rain for his brief appearance. Last week too he showed up briefly at a staged Gaddafi supporter demonstration in Tripoli, waving to his supporters from the sun roof of his car.

The International pressure on Gaddafi prompts him to make brief appearances on TV in a desperate attempt at putting on a 'power' show. 

Gaddafi has appeared on state TV as I'm writing this blog. Through twitter my friends from Libya translate his speech.

Since Tripoli is no longer safe for him with violent clashes on the street and state massacres pro democracy protesters, his speech on state TV seems to be shot in two locations with him a 'safe' place and his supporters crowd chanting his name from another place, says a tweet. The handshakes were allegedly staged too.

In his speech, Gaddafi says he has no intention of stepping down and he will 'die in Libya as a martyr'. He said 'he built Benghazi brick by brick'. He called his supporters to take to the street and shout, 'We sacrifice our blood and soul to you Gaddafi'.

He has called protesters 'rats' and 'cockroaches taking Libya back to the 50s'. He has promised death penalty to protesters and laughed at today's revolution saying that 'he makes revolutions and not these diseased rats!'

He has also called the pro democracy protests as 'armed seperatist rebellion'. His speech is a desperate attempt of power show but is failing miserably. While I read the tweets, I cannot help but feel that Gaddafi's is rambling like a 'mad man' that he is so often called by the protesters. My friends agree.

Here are some of his ramblings. I'm going to reproduce the tweets from Libya that literally translate his words.
"How are you diseased rats who take pills to begin a revolution! I make revolutions!" 'He's also being very generous, inviting the protesters to submit themselves and he will treat them from the pills.'

just said a man on a motorbike, who got away, caused all the problems in ! '

is complaining that electricity and all forms of communications have been cut!

: Go ahead and protest peacefully, support Nasser! Support Gaza, support Iraq

' now says Al Qaeda is establishing bases in thru Egyptian & Tunisian infiltrators selling drugs?'

': I have the millions of people and I have God by my side, who helped me win over ALL super power'

': I will "cleanse house by house" if protesters do not surrender'

Gaddafi's speech lasted for an hour and quarter and we have had some hilarious moments. He is today no doubt a shadow of the man he once was. His speech will unfortunately not have the desired effect he hoped for and nothing sums its better than these tweets from two of the proud Libyan pro democracy protestors. 

Libyan 1: 'He is trying to divide the country, but thats not going to happen. The unity is scaring him...'

Libyan 2: 'Ha Ha Ha... he is so scared, the sigh was enough proof. He has totally lost it. His end is near!'

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